Refunds, Cancellation & Shipping Policy


Initial orders

The one-time doctor evaluation fee and all initial birth control orders are final after you complete the payment page. Once you complete the payment page, the first shipment is final and cannot be canceled. This is because once you place the order, the process moves quickly to get you your medication as fast as possible. 

If the doctor does not provide a birth control prescription for you, you will only be charged the one-time doctor evaluation fee and not for the birth control order.

Modifying or canceling a refill

You can cancel a refill order by emailing Twentyeight at A refill order is confirmed cancelled if the Twentyeight Customer Experience Team emails you to confirm that the refill order has been canceled.

If you have not previously cancelled a refill, you will receive a reminder email from two weeks prior to your refill shipment date. The message will include your address. If you wish to modify or cancel a refill, you must notify Twentyeight within 72 hours of this reminder email by emailing After that time, the refill shipment is final and cannot be canceled.

You can modify your billing information on your dashboard by logging on “My Account” here. You can modify your delivery address and the number of birth control packs per delivery (if permitted by your insurance or if you are paying out of pocket) by emailing us at

Refund and Return Policy

Once a package is dispensed by the pharmacy, it cannot be returned or refunded. Federal law prohibits pharmacies from accepting returns or exchanges on prescriptions, to protect the integrity of the medication and the health of the patients. If you think you received an order in error, are experiencing delays with a shipment, or have questions about your order, please email Twentyeight at