Who we are.

We are passionate about increasing access to healthcare. We come from different backgrounds (healthcare, consulting, non-profit, e-commerce and marketing) and all share a common mission: everyone should have access to high-quality and affordable healthcare. We want to lead the way to a place where access to healthcare is not a question, but is a given.

We are starting with birth control because we know - and have experienced it ourselves - how frustrating the experience can be for women. But it shouldn't be like that. Women should have easier access to birth control, in a safe, convenient and personalized way. So join us to lead the change!

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Amy brings unique experiences in product, e-commerce, branding and marketing. She is excited to combine her interest in building human-centric products & services with her passion in healthcare. She is inspired by the opportunity to improve women’s health, specifically around building a positive, empowering experience and increasing access. Previously, she led a direct-to-consumer skincare & makeup company, and she is currently finishing her MBA & MPH at UC Berkeley.

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Bruno worked for 4 years helping the Gates Foundation on increasing access to healthcare, for populations who need it the most; and on categories like Family Planning, HIV and Malaria. He is extremely passionate about increasing access to healthcare – and thinks there is still a lot to do to make healthcare more accessible, affordable and convenient; particularly for young women.

Amy Fan & Bruno Van Tuykom discuss the convenience and safety behind Twentyeight Health. #CEOUnplugged

Amy and Bruno are surrounded by brilliant people on customer experience (Liz, Gauthier, Angelina, and Mara), social media (Gabi), partnership (Sharon and Nicole R), women’s health (Nicole E) and regulatory (Evan).